From-Quitting-My-Job-to-Finding-My-Passion-The-Rollercoaster-of-Starting-My-Own-Company R Lyfe Creations

From Quitting My Job to Finding My Passion: The Rollercoaster of Starting My Own Company


Ever dream of quitting your 9-to-5 and chasing your own thing? I did it in January 2024, and let's just say it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Here's the real story of my entrepreneurial journey, the struggles, and how a side project turned into something way bigger.

Section 1: Quitting Without a Plan? Not Me

I'm a planner. Before taking the leap, I had to answer some hard questions and make sure I had my fiancé's support. My pre-launch guide covered my motivation, my guiding principles, my red flags for quitting, financial safety nets... everything. Honestly, that guide is the only reason I haven't run screaming back to a cubicle yet.

Section 2: The Stress is Real

Even with a plan, those first few weeks were HARD. No income, no set direction, a whole lot of self-doubt... it messed with me.  But revisiting my guide kept me grounded and moving forward.

Section 3: When Passion Strikes... Cats R Lyfe is Born

I'm obsessed with cats, but I could NEVER find merch that reflected my style. So, I thought, why not design my own? Enter: Cats R Lyfe. A passion project fueled by my need for cooler cat gear.

Section 4: Roadblock City

Turns out, selling online isn't always a breeze. I got banned from TikTok, rejected from Amazon not once but twice, the works. It felt like a conspiracy to put me out of business before I even began.  But I wouldn't let it break me.   Research, pivoting, and Etsy + Print-on-demand saved the day.

Section 5:  Aha! Moment - This Could Be Huge

Designing for Cats R Lyfe made me realize...why stop at cats? If I'm this passionate, others must be too! Dogs, plants, gaming, coffee – every niche deserves its own awesome merch.  That's when R Lyfe Creations was born, a whole umbrella for passion-driven product lines.

Section 6:  It's About More Than Merch

We're all craving community, that feeling of belonging to a tribe that gets us.  But it's tough to find, and the merch out there is mostly lame. R Lyfe Creations is for the true enthusiasts.  Killer designs, real connections, and the feeling that we're in this together.

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