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R Lyfe Creations - What’s the story behind the name?

First, I just want to take a moment and say THANK YOU! The support I've received since my last post has been absolutely incredible. I'm blown away by the community and all of you who have jumped in and made purchases.

Now, an overwhelming question I’ve received is what’s the meaning behind the name, R Lyfe Creations...

The ‘R’ is for ‘ouR’ Community

You know those internet rabbit holes? Subreddits where you find YOUR people, geeking out over cats, vintage tech, or anything awesome and niche? That connection, the feeling that you're not alone in your obsession – I want to bring that feeling to REAL life.

The ‘y’ is for ‘WHY?’

Let's be real, "life" can get...monotonous. But your hobbies, the things that make you tick, those are what add the spice.  The "y" in Lyfe is all about figuring out what sets your soul on fire.

My 'R Lyfe'?  

My obsession with cats (and my frustration over lame cat merch) is what sparked this whole thing.  But R Lyfe Creations isn't stopping there! We're on a mission to celebrate ALL passions. Gaming, plants, anime, coffee... you name it.  We're creating a space where your passions get the spotlight they deserve.

So, what makes YOU come alive? What's YOUR R Lyfe?  Tell me below! And hey, if you're burning with passion and dream of turning it into the next R Lyfe movement, let's talk!

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